The Doors
The Doors

The Doors, approximately 254 sq ft of ceramic mosaic mural. Click image to enlarge in lightbox.

The Doors, Title Section

The Doors, title tile. Click image to enlarge in lightbox.

The Doors (detail)

The Doors, center section. If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would
appear to man as it is, Infinite
. ~William Blake. We were not made to live as beasts, but to
follow knowledge and truth
. ~Dante Alighieri. Click image to enlarge in lightbox.

The Doors (detail)

The Doors, detail. Click image to enlarge in lightbox.

Public Art

The Doors


It has fostered a greater interest in world cultures and the influence they have had on mankind.
~Susan R. Gallinger, Director
Livermore Public Library


The (ceramic) mosaic is eighteen feet in diameter and is a representation of the disciplines or branches of knowledge found in a library. The artwork invites viewers to explore the synthesis of many different cultures and their influences on art and knowledge.

The work is arranged in concentric circles, with the center showing icons that represent religious aspects of love and enlightenment. The next circle illustrates the search for spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. The third circle, the largest, divides the world into… main geographic areas and contains icons illustrating the cultures of those regions and the influence culture has on artists, explorers, scientists, etc. The outer circle icons represent the uniqueness of the town of Livermore.

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Photos by Peter Aronson (Maria’s nephew).

Dimensions: 18ft in diameter

Media: Clay, brass (alloy), steel (alloy), glaze

Year: 2005/2006

Maria she was 78 years old when she created and installed The Doors.