The Circus
The Circus

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Decadence: Resident Evil

The Circus

The paintings in this series depict the corruption of civilization during the period preceding WW2. Scenes from history co-mingle with images from the present and challenge the viewer’s imagination to connect the dots.


The Circus was a huge thrill for both children and adults in  Europe in the 1930s. Behind the scenes, the national Fascist organization was beginning to inch its way into daily life.


A vulture, rat and pig boys, a white deer girl, a wolf policeman and several gryphons inhabit the scene. The blue tree trunk hosts a screaming face.


Crushed dried leaves were adhered to the board before paint was applied which created a crinkly texture throughout.

Dimensions: 39in x 27in

Media: Acrylic with dried autumn leaves pressed and adhered to board.

Year: 2009