The Embrace
The Embrace

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Surreal Visions

Loved to Death:
The Embrace


This series speaks to the selfish love of child for mother or lover for lover, wherein the protagonist robs his loved one of life even while professing his or her undying devotion.


Maria is the doe. Hebrew words embellish the sky: hesed (lovingkindness); neshamah (soul); ruach (spirit); nefesh (sentient being); binah (discernment or insight); YHVH (unpronouncable name of God); Shaddai (feminine aspect of God as nurturer); Eloheinu (God). Recurring symbols: see no- hear no-speak no-evil monkeys, a menorah, sperm-like snakes, birds and leaping rabbit.


The metal used as the substrate for the painting and the attached birds, monkeys, trees and menorah is cut from old newspaper lithographic press sheets (usually aluminum). The painting continues around the edge of the frame.

Dimensions: 28 in x 24.5 in

Media: Acrylic and oil on metal, metal sculpture adhered to frame.

Year: 1988