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Surreal Visions



To those who try to steal our dreams of success, love, creativity and happiness.


The white deer is Maria. The deer’s tissue paper shadow is upside down and backwards.

There are words written in the sky among the constellations: Omniscient, omnipotent, absolution, hallow, supreme, sanctify.

The inscription to the left of the red monkey, Broken glass was falling in my brain… is attributed to Maria’s son, who suffered from schizophrenia.


The fish at the bottom are painted on the back side of a layer of glass.

Tissue paper and pieces of fabric are adhered to the surface with shellac for added texture.

There are little red LEDs that light up in the sky when plugged in.

The painting continues around the edge of the frame (a typical treatment.)

The monkeys shoot arrows made of large nails from twisted wire bows.

Dimensions: 8 ft x 4 ft

Media: Mixed media on hardwood (acrylic, clay, tissue paper, canvas, mirror, glass, shells, nails, metal cutouts, LEDs)

Year: 1992