Vodou Ritual I: The Initiation
The Initiation

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Haitian Mystique

Vodou Ritual Part I:
The Initiation

This triptych is a visualization of the ritual for becoming a mambo or female High Priestess in Haitian Vodou (voodoo). Mambo are the highest form of clergy in the religion. Their responsibility is to preserve the rituals and songs and maintain the relationship between the spirits and the community.


The initiate is cleansed and prepared for the spiritsĀ  summoned through dance, sacrifice and chanting.


The metal used as the substrate for the attached elements in the composition (tree leaves, snake, candles, food shelf) was cut from old aluminum newspaper press sheets.

Dimensions: 29in x 22in

Media: Acrylic on masonite, metal sculptures affixed to frame.

Year: 1999