Pays des Rêves
Pays des Reves

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Haitian Mystique

Pays des Rêves
(Land of Dreams)


Though Haiti has more pain than it can hold, it is often called Country of Dreams. Depicted here is a famous boutique plus the brilliantly designed market. In the foreground, the important ancestors, Grand Mother and Grand Father are sitting in special chairs surrounded by gifts. A Haitian may not have visited paradise, but knows it exists because he has dreamt of it. Likewise, he may never have known true democracy, but he knows somewhere it exists because he has dreamt of it. ~Maggie Steber 


The metal used as the substrate for the attached elements in the composition was cut from old aluminum newspaper press sheets.

Dimensions: 45in x 36in

Media: acrylic on wood with velvet fabric

Year: 1998 (?)