Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass

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Surreal Visions

Through the Looking Glass


Alice explores another dimension… a wild mix of cross-cultural frivolity and mayhem.


An overwhelmed Alice sits at the table with the red queen, March Hare, a harlequin, a frantic moon and a pipe-smoking jester. Look for Mexican dragons, classical gryphons and gargoyles, madonnas, piles of skulls, sacrificial animals, mystics shooting rays out of their eyes into the moon. A jungle beast eats the heart out of a hapless soul up in a green tree whose trunk has screaming faces embossed into it. Jungle animals surround a weeping woman in the blue tree.


The tall side trees are 3-dimensional with designs hammered/embossed into them.

Dimensions: 29in x 22in

Media: Acrylic on metal, embossed metal pieces affixed to frame.

Year: 2005