Las Lloronas

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Las Lloronas
(The Weeping Women)


Maria had two residencies at the Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin where she learned to cast in metal.


La Llorona was abandoned by her husband and left alone to raise two sons. Mad with grief and anger, she threw her children into a river. She was condemned to wander for eternity searching for their bodies. It is said that those who hear the weeping of La Llorona are marked for death or misfortune. The legend is most closely associated with Mexico but the story is similar to myths found in other parts of Central and South America and connected even further back to Eve and Lilith.


The process of casting in iron and applying finishing patinas is very complicated and somewhat dangerous. Maria was grateful for the opportunity to be able to create art onsite at the Kohler Foundry in their Arts and Industry Program.

Dimensions: Tall pieces approx. 96” x18” x 18”

Media: Cast iron and stain

Year: 1989 and 1994