Happy Birthday, Cesar Chavez
Happy Birthday, Cesar Chavez

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Happy Birthday,
César Chavez


This painting was inspired by the big birthday celebration that the United Farm Workers (UFW) union put on for labor leader and civil rights activist César Chavez. It also was to recognize the winning of a huge battle to do away with harmful chemicals and gases used by Driscoll, the big strawberry conglomerate in Watsonville, CA. The rallying cry of the UFW is ¡Sí, se puede! (Yes, We Can!)


Sr. Chavez is depicted holding a dove (top center of painting). the farm workers are shown in the background wall murals to either side of him. A phoenix and death peak out from behind the man with a microphone leading the festivities. Note the UFW flags and participants in devil masks.


The painting continues onto and around the gold frame.

Dimensions: 34in x 31in

Media: Acrylic on masonite.

Year: circa 1990